Thursday, May 17, 2012


Today's measurements (Katie's) are as follows:
232.2 lbs.
left arm: 12.5 in.
right arm: 13 in.
chest: 39.25 in.
bust: 45.5 in.
waist: 49 in.
hips: 51 in.
left calf: 17 in.
right calf: 17.5 in.

Measurements/weights will be recorded on here weekly, and I'll be keeping a food journal here at home; if I notice any interesting or thought-provoking trends with either facet of the journey, I'll probably voice my opinions on them here as well. :) So far the journey hasn't gone backwards since I last blogged in September (in fact, I've dropped 6 pounds and 5 inches off my waist), but it certainly stalled out and my motivation, for whatever reason, took a dump.  Here's another attempt, Charlie in tow this time, to keep my head in the game!

change for a lifetime

Charlie and I are both seeking to become slimmer and healthier, both for ourselves and to set a shining example for little Lydia. 

We're not making drastic changes, no fad diets, no weird foods, just staying simple and asking for help when we I need it.  I went to Sanford Luverne to meet with their nutritionist and a health coach to discuss family habits and behaviors that have been eating away at our success, and for a while I was blogging on another blog about my progress. While the accountability and help from friends online was important to me, and so incredibly appreciated, the real support and partnership I needed was right here at home, hence the reason Charlie's on board with keeping track of what we eat, buying good food and not eating too much of it, and taking my measurements.

In talking to the nutritionist, we figured out two behaviors that are really holding back my success:
1. Being online too much; that time could be better spent being active or making nutritious meals
2. Grazing. I was taking in an extra 500-700 calories a day by nibbling alone--another meal!

Charlie's biggest holdbacks are:
1. Portions.  Abysmal, and he knows it. :)
2. Eating at weird times, and eating junk at those weird times. [and I always want to eat when he's eating, for the companionship and because eating alone is just weird.]

Both of us need to hone in on exercising as well, but that part of this blog will be coming later.  For now, let's just focus on the steps of daily living we're taking to become healthier.  We are looking forward to the support and encouragement from both each other...and you!  Thanks for visiting and stay in touch; if you have any great recipes or ideas for us, we would love to hear them.